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Our People

Simply the best we can find, steeped in service delivery management, the transparency of supplier total performance and experts in communications, all based in our central London offices.


P360, our portal that re-defines the IT reference to flexibility, supporting clients at every level and enabling informed solutions through the provision of integrated data around, compliance, asset servicing and day to day repairs.

The Supply Chain

National, regional and local, utilising your contractors, our network or a blend of both to achieve the most advantageous results around service and cost.


Our contact centre where we empower our front line operators to take ownership of issues from the very first call through to task completion. Monitoring service levels and communicating all-round with useful and often essential information.

MFM: ensuring clients’ corporate and strategic requirements are met:

  • Compliance monitoring
  • Asset servicing
  • Day to day controls

MFM: delivering operator and site demands:

  • Day to day reactive work
  • Service standards
  • Local communications

Our clients may operate from a handful of stores, have a nationwide portfolio, a single or number of offices, and rely upon our service solutions to deliver flexible and professional support mirroring our clients every need. From budgetary controls, electronic invoicing through to the monitoring and reporting service standards, our expertise delivers measurable value at every step.

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Master FM

Five Kings House
Queen Street Place
London EC4R 1QS

T: 0844 928 6000
F: 020 7518 8689